UBTECH Unveils First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH

UBTECH Unveils First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH

Interactive robot features voice command, facial recognition, sentry patrolling, and AR capabilities

Bangkok, Thailand – November 1, 2017 – UBTECH Robotics, the global leader in intelligent

humanoid robots, today introduced its latest offering, First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH.

Featuring voice command, facial recognition, sentry patrolling, and augmented reality (AR)

capabilities, the interactive robot allows users to control their own personal Stormtrooper to do

their bidding, carrying out their evil plans to crush the Resistance and rule the galaxy. To see First

Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH in action.

“Direct from ‘a galaxy far, far away’ we are thrilled to bring First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH to

your home,” said James Chou, CEO, UBTECH. “Disney’s Star Wars is a perfect match for UBTECH as

both of our brands are focused on creating innovative, cutting-edge technology and entertainment.

Together we are not only delivering a Stormtrooper robot, we are delivering an unprecedented,

interactive AR experience for Star Wars fans everywhere.”

Features of the First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH include:

• Voice Command – Issue orders by speaking directly to the Stormtrooper, who will then

carry out the command.

• Facial Recognition – Create a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics

capture process for customized interactions.

• Sentry Patrolling – Order the Stormtrooper to patrol a designated area to detect and

respond to intruders. Users receive a notification when the Stormtrooper triggers an alert

and can remotely order the Stormtrooper to “confront” or “clear” the intruder.

• AR Immersive Experience – Command the Stormtrooper as it battles the Resistance.

Trooper View shows a live feed from the Stormtrooper’s first-person AR combat camera.

Commander View offers a third-person AR view of the mission area. Locate targets, engage

the enemy and even call in an orbital strike.

• App-Enabled Functionality – The app-enabled experience served by both iOS and Android

platforms allows users to program movements, lights and sounds to be executed by the


• Action Mode – Control Stormtrooper actions with in-app functions for creation of

customizable behaviors and sequences.

• Wi-Fi Connectivity – Includes smart device pairing and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

First Order Stormtrooper by UBTECH retails for 12,900 Baht at

• .Life

• iStudio by Copperwired

• Studio7 (24 stores)

• Banana IT (5 stores)

• Central Online

• Jaymart

• AI @ Siam Discovery

• Digital Lab ชั้น 2 @ SiamDiscovery

For more information on UBTECH and its complete line of robots, please visit ubtrobot.com.

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Website: www.systems2000.co.th

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About UBTECH Robotics: 
UBTECH Robotics is a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots. The company’s interactive robots serve the public, accelerate STEM education for children and assist entertain in the home. Integrating UBTECH robots into our daily lives enhances how we live, work, learn, and play. To be part of the UBTECH robot generation, visit www.ubtrobot.com and follow UBTECH Robotics on on Facebook.

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