Plantronics M22 amplifier brings superior sound-quality, acoustic protection and compatibility with those telephones that do not allow direct connection of headsets.
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Plantronics M22 amplifier brings superior sound-quality and acoustic protection to your telephone. As well as providing compatibility with those telephones that do not allow direct connection of headsets it offers a range of additional features to enhance the sound quality of your phone conversations.

Plantronics SoundGuard Plus™ technology ensures loud tones are quickly reduced to more comfortable levels and ensures that the normal, human voice remains natural and unchanged, for face-to-face clarity of communication.

Plantronics Call Clarity™ technology uses electronic signal processing to reduce phone noise and maintain constant volume levels, as set by the user. This ensures all conversations are held at a comfortable and consistent level, regardless of the loudness of the incoming call.


• Wideband audio. When used as a part of a wideband VoIP system, the Vista M22 delivers enhanced audio and more natural speech — reducing repeats, errors, and listener fatigue. 

• Loud noise protection. Reduces the level of incoming loud noises, such as fax tones or whistle blasts to a more comfortable listening level. 

• Advanced echo management. Helps reduce echo often associated with VoIP telephony. 

• Background noise reduction. Reduces the level of background noise picked up by the headset microphone and also reduces the level of noise on the incoming signal to improve call quality. 

• Call volume equalizer. Maintains user-selectable listening preferences regardless of the quality of the incoming call. 


2007 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award - TMCnet.com

2007 Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions

Model M22
Battery type 2 AA Batteries (included)
Connects to Most offi ce phones
Audio performance Standard Band
Cord Length 10 ft coiled cable to Quick Disconnect™

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