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What are the devices supported?

iOS- iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and up, iPad Mini 4 and up, iPhone 6 and up*, 

Android- Marshmallow Platform 6.0 and up

Minimum device memory requirement is 2GB of RAM*


I'm having difficulty setting up and connecting my robot. What do I do?

Check out our Set-Up and Connection instructions here.


How long does the battery life last?

2 hours play time


How long does it need to charge to full power?

One hour charge time


What does the chest light signify?

The robot is powered on


Does the chest light change color?

No, but it shows different statuses by flashing red, solid red or being off


Where is the on/off switch?

The back of the Stormtrooper Robot on the thermal detonator. Switch to right means on and switch to left means off.


Where is the power input?

The black circle on the top of left of Stormtrooper's back armor


When charging, what does the LED signify?

Solid red = charging; solid green = fully charged


Where is the Wi-Fi reset button on the Robot?

Oval shaped button on the back of Robot (top right)


Where is the speaker on the Robot?

The speaker is located on the middle-left of Stormtrooper's front armor


Are the batteries on the Robot removable & replaceable?

Yes, the two batteries on the Stormtrooper are removable and replaceable


Is Wi-Fi required?

You will need Wi-Fi to connect with your Stormtrooper for first time setup and firmware updates, but with Direct Connect capability, you don't need to be connected to Wi-Fi unless firmware updates are needed.


Is the blaster functional?

No, it is a non-functional accessory that is very cool when the Stormtrooper has it in its grip.


Where are the microphones located?

Two microphones on the both sides of the thermal detonators for sound detection and one on the front of the Stormtrooper's helmet for voice recognition.


Can I connect my First Order Stormtrooper Robot to more than one smart device?

No, it has a unique SSID which can only be connected to one smart device at a time


What happens if the app is unable to communicate with your Robot?

1) Make sure your First Order Stormtrooper Robot's battery is charged and is powered "on"

2) To communicate properly, your First Order Stormtrooper Robot and your mobile device must be connected to the same WI-Fi network (For dual mode router has both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network, please make sure both of your ST and iPad connecting to the 2.4Ghz network.

3) Follow the steps in the CONNECTION FAILED screen that appear when you have difficulties connecting.


What does the Stormtrooper Robot do when you turn it on?

Every time you turn the Stormtrooper Robot on, it self-calibrates its motors and sensors to make sure he's prepared to face the Resistance.


What does the infrared sensor do?

The infrared sensors allow your First Order Stormtrooper Robot to detect edges of table and prevent your Robot from falling off a cliff to an unfortunate demise.


Where is the camera located on the First Order Stormtrooper Robot?

The camera is located on the visor on the Stormtrooper's helmet.


What surfaces are best for the Robot to walk on?

Flat, slightly textured surfaces on tables and floors are ideal. The First Order Stormtrooper will not walk well on very slippery surfaces like highly polished marble or concrete. Carpeted surfaces are not recommended for the First Order Stromtrooper Robot to walk on.


What should you do if your First Order Stormtrooper Robot stops working?

1. Check to see if the Robot is fully charged

2. Try powering the Robot off and on

3. Force stop the First Order Stormtrooper app and reconnect to your Robot. If you still have problem with your Stormtrooper Robot, please contact our customer service at stormtrooper.service@ubtRobot.com


How far can it walk in SENTRY mode?

Currently it can walk as far as the grided map shown in CREATE PATROL. Stay tuned for expanded navigation in larger spaces.


Is the Stormtrooper water proof?

Unfortunately the First Order Stormtrooper Robot is not waterproof.


How do you reset your Robot's internal Wi-Fi connection?

Press and hold down the "Wifi reset button" for 10 seconds on the back of the Robot until the Stormtrooper speaks its unique ID number.


What are the languages supported?

Currently only English and Chinese are supported. Additional language support to come very soon!




What is TRAINING mode?

This mode is where the user can train your Stormtrooper through walking and talking exercises in order to personalize the process. You can also create your own action and manage your action in TRAINING mode.


What is PRACTICE mode?

After creating CUSTOM ACTIONS deploy your Stormtrooper Robot to PRACTICE runs while controlling your Robot with the companion app.


What is SENTRY mode?

SENTRY Mode is where the user can create and execute patrols that are custom to their home and space. You can also set up check points with passwords and facial scans in order to ensure your space is fully guarded.


How far can it walk in SENTRY mode?

5 ft x 5 ft (patrol area) is recommended.


How many patrols can it save?

Users can save up to 4 custom patrol paths.


What is a Stormtrooper’s main function in SENTRY Mode?

To patrol the area and make sure there are no intruders, of course.


What is the grid used for in SENTRY mode?

The grid is a map on which you can create paths for a custom patrol.


How do you insert a password on the grid in SENTRY Mode?

In "CREATE PATROL," you can select passwords in two areas. When you are building a new patrol for your Stormtrooper, the first thing you will see in 'CREATE A PATROL' is a shield icon. Click on the shield icon ("Checkpoint") and this will prompt you to choose a password from a list of passwords on the right hand side. This adds an extra layer of production to your patrol. While you are creating your patrol, you can also add more password checks by double tapping the arrow icon to add a Checkpoint which will prompt you to add a new password.


How far can it detect faces?

Eye level to the Stormtrooper's camera and 6-10 inches away is the optimal position to be recognized. Hint: If the Stormtrooper demands a face scan while on a PATROL on a floor, pick him up and position him in the optimal position instead of dropping to the floor to line up your face.


Can facial recognition be used in SENTRY Mode?

Yes, your First Order Stormtrooper can recognize up to four different faces during a patrol to ensure protection of the area.


What is MISSION Mode?

MISSION mode is where users complete MISSION objectives through an immersive AR play experience on different planets, starting with Jakku. More planets and content will be added to the app in upcoming updates to keep MISSIONs fresh and exciting! Also a new AR mode that will be announced in the not too distant future.


How is the blaster used in MISSION Mode?

When the Stormtrooper is on a mission run that involves stunning droids, disabling turrets or surrendering Resistance members, the First Order Stormtrooper will raise his blaster in sync with those actions.


What are the round yellow symbols floating on the grid called?

They are symbols of the Resistance. When you select and walk to any Resistance symbol, you will execute an objective that involves the Resistance. After completing mission objectives for your mission run, your mission will be completed even you have not collected all data tapes on the map.


What are the white squares floating on the grid called?

They are called data tapes that contain intel on the Resistance that is useful to the First Order.


How do you get to the symbols on the grid?

Select any square on the grid and tap the arrow icon on the lower right of the screen to advance your Stormtrooper to that position.


Can you edit/delete stored faces?


How far can it detect faces?

You have to make sure your face lines up with the T area in the FACE CAPTURE screen. Position yourself as closely as possible, filling the circle and click START SCAN so the Robot can begin registering your face.


How many faces can it store?

One user as commander and you can store another three faces for your friends and family - as a part of the First Order or as a enemy Resistance member (siblings beware!)

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